Antimicrobial activity of fermentation products

/Antimicrobial activity of fermentation products
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Antimicrobial activity of fermented products

Antimicrobial activity of fermentation products


Many microbes secrete antimicrobial compounds to help them compete with other microorganisms of the habitat. Some of the bacteria that are common antibiotic producers are the Actinomycetes (including Streptomycetes species), Burkholderia gladioli, many of Bacillus species and the fruiting Mycobacterium.


  1. Burkholderia gladioli
  2. Escherichia coli
  3. Staphylococcus epidermidis
  4. Micrococcus epidermidis
  5. Micrococcus luteus
  6. Chloroform


Extraction procedure

  1. Grow B. gladioli in nutrient broth at 30oC with overnight shaking at 135-150 rpm
  2. Centrifuge the culture at 10,000 rpm for 15 minutes at 40C .
  3. To the supernatant add equal volume of chloroform and shake it.
  4. Concentrate it on rotavapour (approx 1ml)

Microbial sensitivity

  1. Take 3 cultures of Escherichia coli (gram negative), Staphylococcus epidermidis (gram positive) and Micrococcus luteus (gram positive) grown in nutrient broth.
  2. Streak a line of B. gladioli in the middle of the NA plate.
  3. Aseptically apply a line of inoculation of each of the provided broth cultures of E.coli, Micrococcus, S.epidermidis perpendicular to antibiotic producer’s growth.

Repeat this procedure on another plate using broth cultures of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Micrococcus luteus without streaking in the middle of the plate with B.gladioli to test the sensitivity of the antibiotic producer.

Examine the plate and look for the evidence of inhibiton of growth of test organisms near the antibiotic producer’s midline streak.

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