Biotechnology is a sunrise sector in life sciences both in academia and industry. It is a frontier of science offering enormous possibilities of its use as a premium precision tool for the welfare of society and creation of wealth for sustainable commercial and socio-economical development.

Biotechnology draws on expertise from a number of scientific fields such as Molecular and Cell Biology, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Its application in health, agriculture and energy sectors have been path breaking and yielded significant results.

The Biotech industry has touched the highest revenue generation of $ 4 billion in 2010-2011. With innovative program supported by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, the industrial growth is expected to rapidly increase in coming years.

Developments of in-hand biological science process skills enable students to better understand science and perform better during interviews. As practical skilled knowledge is the most important aspect of technology driven science like Biotechnology or Bioinformatics. Above all we emphasis maximum on building the science fundamentals during our training program which add values to your knowledge and enable you to perform better in future.

Student gains most while working as an intern, they acquire ample amount of new skills. In today’s competitive market, good internship provides an edge over other students to acquire more practical knowledge in less time along with opening many new options. Above all beside science, internship helps in building professional attitude as well as on their ability to perform the tasks with responsibilities.

Acquiring Latest Knowledge is the most important aspect, as keep yourself updated with latest trends in technology like microarray / CHIP on chIP etc., helps in early identification of career trends with higher salary packages. For example in mid 90s molecular biology was considered as the most important aspect in research but presently in post genomic era along with molecular biology tools and technique, integration of vast knowledge and Data analysis generated by high throughput techniques are considered most important and challenging.

A large number of students have been attracted to the discipline of biotechnology and a number of students are passing out each year with B.Sc/ M.Sc, B.Tech/ M.Tech degrees. Biotechnology industry needs skilled manpower for the R&D, production and services. However, majority of the students are unable to get placements as they lack skills needed by the biotech industry. Also, biotech industry on several occasions has stated the shortage of skilled manpower commensurate to their requirements.

Hence, there is an urgent need to train the B.Sc., B.Tech and M.Sc., M.Tech pass outs keen to work in biotech industry, with skills to make them employable. Since the students have basic background, additional skills can be imparted through theoretical and hands on exposure in a short period of six months.