Biotech Industrial Training Program

Scholarship worth

Rs. 5,00,000/-

Orbit Biotech offers a nationwide scholarship test for the aspirants planning to go for industrial training in biotechnology. Under the program, Orbit Biotech offers scholarships worth Rs. 5,00,000 with scholarships ranging from Rs. 500 – 10,000 per student. This scholarship program is an invite only program, which means that only those colleges/universities which have been selected by the management of the company can apply through this program. The steps for the scholarship tests are as under.

Registration for Scholarship Test

The college/University HODs are required to fill the below mentioned form indicating the date when they would like to their students to appear for the scholarship test.

College Enrolment Form

Step 1: Filing of the college enrolment form

The college teachers/HODs or the TPOs concerned need fill in the college enrolment form. In this form, the following information is asked.

Concerned person’s Name:
College/ university Name:
Tentative number of students appearing:
Date & Time Slot selection (to me made on first come first serve basis)
*Scholarship test dates available between 15th Feb, 2019 – 15th March, 2019 ONLY

Note: The students will be able to fill the Student Enrolment Form only after the enrolment form has been submitted by the college teacher.

College Enrolment Form
Student Enrolment Form

Step 2: Students appear in the scholarship Test

As per the date & time chosen by the teacher, the students start enrolling themselves for the scholarship test. The test duration will be 30 minutes and will be conducted on the time & date chosen by the teacher at the time of college enrolment. The students can appear for the test using their mobile phones having internet connection.

An SMS link will be sent on the mobile number of the candidate to appear for the scholarship test.


The Scholarship test will be of 30 minutes and 40 questions (multiple choice questions)
 1. 30 Questions: Basic concepts of Microbiology, Fermentation Technology & Molecular Biology
 2. 5   Questions: Basic numerical calculations
 3. 5   Questions: Information on Orbit Biotech

Student Enrolment Form
Scholarship Result

Step 3: Declaration of the result

The final result of the scholarship test of all the colleges/ University students will be declared on 15th March, 2019. The result will be displayed on the official website of Orbit Biotech. Depending upon the scholarship received, the students can register for the industrial training programs accordingly.

Scholarship Result

For any other information please feel free to contact us on +91.8591871105