Orbit Biotech one of the premier biotech companies offers Empower biotech industrial training program for the students of biotechnology & life sciences. The biotech training program offers a very basic and economy program which involves a two weeks hands on training on the basic techniques in microbiology and basic molecular biology. This program is beneficial to those students who are interested to learn only the basic techniques in microbiology and molecular biology. The program will be offered in biotech summer training (Apr-Aug) and biotech winter training (Dec-Jan) schedules.

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Program Details

Duration: 4 Weeks
Eligibility: B.Sc. Biotechnology/ other life sciences – 1st Year/2nd Sem only
Program Fee: INR 9,999
No Additional taxes
Training Location: R&D Division (DSIR Recognized), Mohali, Punjab

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Module B – Basic Concept of Microbiology & Molecular Biology

  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Sampling of bacteria from air, water and soil.
  • Characterization of bacteria by Gram’s staining
  • Determination of bacterial motility using hanging drop, cragie’s tube and U-tube method.
  • Bacterial measurements using microscopic techniques (Micrometery)
  • Microscopic technique – application of neubaur chamber for cell count (lecocyte cell concentration)
  • Isolation of plasmid by alkaline lysis
  • Isolation of genomic DNA Isolation of RNA from tissue Organic extraction of DNA

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email us at internship [at] orbitbiotech [dot] com

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Training Fee INR 9,999 (No Additional Taxes)