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The Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program is offered in the form of specialized industrial training modules. The industrial training modules are designed keeping in mind the technical competence level of the students and the technical expectation of the biotechnology industry. The duration of the Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program ranges from 2-8 weeks.

eBITP – Empower Biotech Industrial Training Programs [2-8 Weeks]

  • The Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program is available from 2-8 weeks of duration.
  • The Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program is offered in Nov, Dec & April, May, June, July and August of every calendar year.
  • The Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program is focussed of the industrially important and relevant training areas for better absorption of the interns after their industrial training programs.
  • For more information on the modules offered under each duration, kindly refer to the navigation links on the left side.

Who are eligible to join our program?

  • Students
    The Empower biotechnology industrial training programs are open to B.Sc./M.Sc./B.Tech./M.Tech. students of Micro Biology, Industrial Microbiology, Bio Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Biomedical Technology, Food Science, Environmental Science, Bio-Science, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant Science, MBA Biotechnology and Life Sciences.
  • Professionals
    The Empower biotechnology industrial training programs are also open to the biotechnology professionals from companies, research institutes and faculty from colleges.
  • Kindly note: No separate batches will be allotted in case of professionals registrations for biotech industrial training programs.

For registration call our helpline no. +91. 85 91 87 1105 or

email us at internship [at] orbitbiotech [dot] com

News Updates

  • An MoU was signed between Orbit Biotech and Govt of Punjab during the Progressive Punjab Invest Summit 2015.
  • Registrations open for the biotech industrial training program starting April/May/June/July 2019. For registrations contact us at +91. 85 91 87 1105