Career as Research Associate in Biotech research companies

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Career as Research Associate in Biotech research companies

A research associate is responsible for research and development in collaboration with others on projects. He or she makes detailed observations, analyzes data, and interprets results. Research associates prepare technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses. An incumbent maintains familiarity with current scientific literature and contributes to the process of a project within his or her scientific discipline, as well as investigating, creating, and developing new methods and technologies for project advancement. He or she may also be responsible for identifying patent-able inventions and acting as principal investigator in conducting his or her own experiments. A research associate may also be asked to participate in scientific conferences and contribute to scientific journals.
Research associates are scholars and professionals that usually have an advanced degree beyond a master’s degree. The research associate position does not explicitly require mentoring and is a regular staff position with appointment letters processed by Human Resources. In contrast to a research assistant, a research associate often has a graduate degree, such as a master’s (e.g. Master of Science) or in some cases Master of Engineering or a doctoral degree (e.g. Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Pharmacy). In some cases it can be synonymous with postdoctoral research.

Research Associate, Biotechnology Salary:
A Research Associate, Biotechnology earns an average salary of Rs 305,684 per year. A skill in Molecular Biology is associated with high pay for this job. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years’ experience in this field.

Job Profile:
A research associate in biotechnology spends almost all of his or her time in a laboratory setting conducting experiments and analyzing data. This research associate (also called a “wet lab associate”) is in charge of testing potential biologic compounds’ effectiveness on potential diseases. The testing requires the use of standard scientific tools such as pipettes and petri dishes to grow cultures. At the junior level, all of the associate’s time is spent in the lab. However, at more senior research levels, the associate may oversee labs across multiple locations, so some travel may be required. Also, a substantial portion of the research associate’s lab work is done in conjunction with other teams, so there is a lot of collaboration with other research associates working on other projects. Additionally, research associates in biotechnology generally work during regular business hours, although overtime and off-hours work may be required depending on the needs of the lab.

Research Associate Biotechnology Tasks:

  1. Conduct laboratory work such as chromatography/LC/MS/assays on samples or in vitro systems.
  2. Critically analyze results, and collaborate with the research team to write up findings.
  3. Create and document laboratory protocols and equipment/substrate information.

Top Companies:

  1. Regeneron Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  2. Illumina Inc.
  3. Genetech Inc.
  4. Intrexon Corporation
  5. Biolegend
  6. AS Medical Coding Tecnologies
  7. Cactus Communications Pvt Ltd.
  8. Flex-I Partners
  9. Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd.
  10. Meril Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.
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