Characterisation by motility testing: Wet mount method

Characterisation by motility testing: Hanging drop method, Cragie’s tube method, U-tube method and Wet mount


This is the simplest method for detection of motility and it can be used when no other method is available.


  1. Bacterial culture
  2. Clean glass slides
  3. Clean cover slips
  4. Inoculating loop
  5. Equipments
  6. Microscope


  1. Take a clean glass slide and make it grease free.
  2. In the vicinity of the Bunsen burner take a drop of bacterial culture with the help of inoculating loop and place it on the slide.
  3. Carefully place the clean coverslip on the drop so that the bacterial suspension will evenly be distributed under the coverslip. Avoid bubble formation.
  4. Place the slide on the stage of microscope and focus with the help of low dry objective and then finally observe the slide under high dry objective.
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