Why Join Empower Program at Orbit Biotech?

In todays competitive world, simply an industrial training is not enough. Over our experience of several years of training biotechnology students, we felt the need to equip the students with the soft skills to make their exposure complete in every aspect.

Industrial Training is an integral part of the curriculum of biotechnology students and is very instrumental in making them a sound professional. So the choice of the industrial training plays a very important role. When something important and valuable is concerned, the decision has to be made sincerely.

That is why Orbit Biotech is the no. 1 choice of students throughout India for their industrial training and dissertation projects. The students trained at Orbit Biotech have high industry absorption after they graduate from colleges/Universities. The alumini of Orbit biotech is currently working in prestigious biotechnology companies, research institutes in India & Abroad.

The key salient features of the industrial training programs at Orbit Biotech are:

  • Skilled Trainer/Scientific Officers
  • Animated multimedia powered training methodology
  • Personalized hands on training
  • Complementary membership to BioSmart
  • Friendly Environment
  • Industry Oriented Training Modules
  • Wifi network for students
  • Spacious dedicated labs