Evaluation Parameters

A project in general has a number of parameters over which it is evaluated and the parameters are as per the custom requirement of the researcher as well as the project.

Important Evaluation Parameters

  1. Project Viability
    The project viability parameter analyses the project and determines the duration in which the project is likely to get completed. It assesses the key bottleneck issues in the viablity of the project and suggests expert opinion to get rid of them.
  2. Industrial Application
    The projects are analysed from the industrial perspective and their Expected Industrial Application Index (EIAI) is determined. This helps the researchers as well as the industry to upgrade to a better relvolutionary technological advancement.
  3. Financial Potential
    The financial potential that a project holds is quite often left unanalyzed and usually exploited by the technology transfer agents. So the researchers need to know how much financial potential does their ongoing or proposed research holds so that they can plan and invest accordingly.

Intellectual Property
The reearch is more often a matter of Intellectual Property which needs to be safeguarded so that its derivatives are directed to the owner.

Our value proposition

  • With more than five years of experience we bring a blend of market experience, analytical skills, scientific knowledge, domain expertise, and client orientation to your engagements.
  • We provide integrated on-site and offshore teams, who either work with your workflows, methodologies, and deliverables or design solutions jointly with you, focusing on improving the productivity and effectiveness of existing work.
  • We are data and technology agnostic, and are experienced in working with all the standard biotechnology industry data sources as well as customized data.

With Orbit Biotech your knowledge is disseminated intelligently through proprietary platforms such as portals, dashboards, and scorecards, making it easy for users to access the knowledge and make more effective decisions.

Support for Intellectual Property and R&D Teams

  • IP solutions: Patent searches and patent analytics, and IP paralegal support
  • Support, management, or complete outsourcing of information services and the management and administration of knowledge management systems, databases and workflows
  • Supporting & Managing Library Function
  • Primary Investigator Profiling

Support for Commercial Operations Teams
Sales and marketing teams often have to deal with incomplete and inconsistent data from multiple sources with limited budgets and personnel. Therefore, data is often not leveraged well enough to make good business decisions. In addition there is no standardized way of dealing with the data across and within teams, and improvement initiatives are not implemented. Our commercial solutions can address these challenges.

Competitive Intelligent Solutions
Holistic strategic, commercial, and clinical competitive intelligence solutions that address specific client needs by collating and analyzing information from large data sets from various sources, presented in a web-based platform.