Module AC
Food Adulteration & Industrial Microbiology
Recombinant Technology & Genetics

Basic Biotech Industrial Training Program Module

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Program Details

Duration: 4 Weeks
Eligibility: B.Sc. Biotechnology/ other life sciences – All Semesters
Program Fee: INR 11,799

Note: No Additional Taxes or Charges
Training Location: R&D Division (DSIR Recognized), Mohali, Punjab

Program Content

  1. Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  2. Principle & working of laboratory instruments
  3. Introduction about food adulteration & its types
  4. Checking adulteration in milk
  5. Checking adulteration in dairy products
  6. Checking adulteration in sweets
  7. Checking adulteration in Spices
  8. Checking adulteration in cereals
  9. Checking adulteration in oils
  10. Introduction to industrial microbiology
  11. Calculation techniques for industrial microbiology
  12. Introduction to sterilization techniques
  13. Media preparation (solid & liquid media)
  14. Dilution techniques for sampling of air, water & soil
  15. Isolation of bacteria from air, water & soil
  16. Calculation of Colony Forming Units (CFU/ml)
  17. Isolation of microorganisms on selective media
  18. Identification of microorganism using different staining methods
  19. Identification of microorganism using motility methods
  20. Basic biochemical characterization – 1 of isolated microorganisms
  21. Preservation of microbial cultures by glycerol stock methods
  22. Principle & working of laboratory instruments
  23. Preparation of buffers & solutions
  24. Basic calculation techniques
  25. Introduction to sterilization techniques
  26. Preparation of LB Media & inoculation
  27. Isolation of genomic DNA by CTAB method
  28. Preservation of nucleic acids
  29. Preparation of TAE, Agarose gel and 6X gel loading buffer
  30. Analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis
  31. Organic extraction of DNA
  32. Preparation of stock solutions for plasmid isolation
  33. To study the role of various components used in isolation of plasmid
  34. Isolation of plasmid by alkaline lysis
  35. Preparation of competent cells
  36. Preparation of IPTG, X-gal and ampicillin solution
  37. Transformation of coli
  38. Hands on handling thermo cycler & detection of specific gene through PCR
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Training Fee INR 11,799 (No Additional Taxes)