Module E
Wine Fermentation & Enzymology

Advanced Biotech Industrial Training Program Module

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Program Details

Duration: 4 Weeks
Eligibility: B.Sc. Biotechnology/ other life sciences – All Semesters
Program Fee: INR 11,799

Note: No Additional Taxes or Charges
Training Location: R&D Division (DSIR Recognized), Mohali, Punjab

Program Content

  1. Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  2. Principle & working of laboratory instruments
  3. Introduction about fermentation technology & fermenter designing
  4. Introduction to various types of wines
  5. Estimation of sugar content in juices
  6. Estimation of tartaric acid in juices
  7. Introduction to sterilization techniques
  8. Inoculation of wine
  9. Immobilization of fermentation cultures
  10. Estimation of the reducing sugar by DNSA method
  11. Estimation of ethanol by potassium dichromate method
  12. Estimation of alcohol by specific gravity method
  13. Introduction about enzyme technology
  14. Introduction & application to commercially important enzymes products by microorganisms
  15. Preparation of media for enzyme production
  16. Dilution techniques for enzyme producer
  17. Production of commercially important enzymes
  18. Screening of amylase producing microorganisms
  19. Identification of different enzymes isolated from different sources. (Amylase, invertase & catalase)
  20. Screening of lipase producing microorganisms
  21. Preservation of microbial cultures by glycerol stock method
  22. Isolation of probiotic bacteria from milk & milk products
  23. Preparation of raw material for Boza production
  24. Production of fermented probiotic product Boza
  25. Distillation of Wine produced
  26. Antimicrobial analysis of wine produced
  27. Determination of Thermal Death Point (TDP) of fermentative microorganism.
  28. Determination of Thermal Death Time (TDT) of fermentative microorganism.
  29. Probiotic attribute analysis – Antimicrobial activity
  30. To estimate minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Boza
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Training Fee INR 11,799 (No Additional Taxes)