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/Online Registration Successful
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Registration Complete Empower Biotech Industrial Training Program Orbit Biotech

Dear Intern

You have successfully completed the online registration for Biotech Industrial Training/ Research Project Program. Your seat has been successfully booked for the program. To complete the registration process you are required to complete the following 2 steps.

Download Form

Step 1: Download Registration Form

Kindly download the registration form using the link mentioned above and completely fill in the registration form. Do not forget to mention the Order ID in the registration form
Download Form

Step 2: WhatsApp Registration Form to +91.8591871105

After filling the registration form completely, kindly send us the form through WhatsApp on our helpline number +91.8591871105 . Kindly retain the original form with you and bring the same at the time of joining.

Registration Complete

News Updates

  • An MoU was signed between Orbit Biotech and Govt of Punjab during the Progressive Punjab Invest Summit 2015.
  • Registrations open for the biotech industrial training program starting April/May/June/July 2018. For registrations contact us at +91. 85 91 87 1105