Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy is the service provided by Orbit Biotech to the researchers at Graduation, post graduation or doctorate level to streamline, formulate and analyze their proposed or the completed research.

Many a times what happens is that the researchers are not able to conclude their research as they tend to overlook certain technical parameters due to varied reasons. Our expert project consultancy team analyzes the project, evaluates it on various parameters and makes recommendations to imrove the project. As biotechnology is a vast arena, the research also involves the guidance and support of guides from various domains. The multidomain experts at Orbit Biotech provides a conducive environment for the successful and fast completion of the research. Guidance under the subject experts evaluates the viability and impletation of the project from a 360 degree perspective.

The most important feature of project consultancy is that it supplements the researchers with the expected financial evaluation of the outcome of the research.


To apply for project consultancy service you need to satisfy one of the following conditions

  • A scientist working in a nationalised research organization in India/Abroad.
  • A researcher working in a private research based biotechnology/paharam company in India/Abroad.
  • A researcher doing his doctorate/post doctorate research in India/Abroad.
  • A student pursuing his/her research in post graduation from a recognized University in India/abroad.

The researchers need sumbit their research in brief and the area which they want to be worked on or validated. The Confidential Disclosure Agreement would be signed between the researcher and Orbit Biotech which would safe guard his research work of any possible copyright infringement.

As and when the CDA is signed and the requisition is accepted by Orbit Biotech, the team would work in coordination with the researcher as per the custom requirement of the project.

Our clients typically look for solutions to improve knowledge-based processes such as: Intellectual Property Searches & Analytics R&D Information Services & Knowledge Management Workflow and knowledge management Competitive Intelligence Business Analysis / Customer Insights Data Analytics