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Culture Media for Plant tissue culture

All tissue culture media are mostly synthetic or chemically defined. A few of them have organic complex nutrients e.g., potato extract. Although, a variety of media have been formulated to date but none of them is suitable for all plant species. The composition of White, MS and B5, the most commonly used media are listed [...]

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Agarose gel electrophoresis for DNA samples

Gel Electrophoresis is a technique used to separate DNA fragments or macromolecules like RNA and proteins, based on the sizes of the fragments. The shorter the fragment the faster it will move in the gel as it gets least resistance by the gel molecules. This technique is used to check whether the methods like [...]

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Culture of Protoplasts

The first step in protoplast culture is the development of a cell wall around the membrane of the protoplast. This is followed by the cell divisions that give rise to a small colony. With suitable manipulations of nutritional and physiological conditions, the cell colonies may be grown continuously as cultures or regenerated to whole plants. [...]

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Blotting means to transfer DNA or RNA to nitrocellulose membrane and probe binds to complementary strand in the sample to give result in the form of signal using radioactive or biotin labelled probe. Principle At high temperature two strands of DNA get separated they and they re-anneal when temperature is brought back to normal. [...]

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