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Culture of Protoplasts

The first step in protoplast culture is the development of a cell wall around the membrane of the protoplast. This is followed by the cell divisions that give rise to a small colony. With suitable manipulations of nutritional and physiological conditions, the cell colonies may be grown continuously as cultures or regenerated to whole plants. [...]

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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

Plant growth regulators usually are defined as organic compounds, other than nutrients, that in small concentrations, affect the physiological processes of plants. In practical purpose, they are defined as either natural or synthetic compound that is applied directly to plant to alter its life processes/structure in some beneficial way so as to enhance yield, improve [...]

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Anther Culture

Haploids are plants with a gametophytic chromosome number and doubled haploids are haploids that have undergone chromosome duplication. The production of haploids and doubled haploids (DHs) through gametic embryogenesis allows a single-step development of complete homozygous lines from heterozygous parents, shortening the time required to produce homozygous plants in comparison with the conventional breeding [...]

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News Updates

  • An MoU was signed between Orbit Biotech and Govt of Punjab during the Progressive Punjab Invest Summit 2015.
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