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Methods for scaling up of cell cultures

A variety of useful products like interferon, hormones, interleukins, enzymes, antibodies, virus vaccines such as polio, measles, rabies etc. are obtained from cell cultures. For these objectives, scale up of cell cultures are essential and large scale fermentors of up to 10,000 liters are used for this purpose. The method employed to increase the [...]

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Viability Assay – MTT Assay

Viability of cell is its ability to grow or stay alive. The viability assay is to check how many cells in culture are viable. Determination  of  the viability of cultured cells is important step prior to any cell-based research because only a healthy culture will show reliable and reproducible results. Viability assay helps to [...]

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Transformation is the process of transfer of exogenous genetic material into the cell through the cell membranes resulting in alteration of genetic material of host cell. The transformation process required the recipient bacteria must be in a state of competence i.e. state of being able to take up exogenous material from the environment, which [...]

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Programmed Cell Death

Programmed Cell Death Cell death happens frequently in normal tissue and is of two types i. Necrosis ii. Apoptosis When cells die of injury, then it typically swell and burst. They spill their content all over their neighbouring cells causing a potentially damaging inflammatory response; this process is known as necrosis. In contrast, a [...]

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