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Gene cloning

Gene cloning is molecular technique in which gene of interest is copied to produced many identical copies of it. In this technique gene of interest is fused into a self-replicating genetic material i.e. plasmid. The insertion of gene of interest is done using self enzymes known as restriction enzymes. The molecule formed after the [...]

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Molecular cloning

Molecular cloning is the process of inserting a DNA sequence (generally a gene) from a selected species into a replicating vehicles like vectors or plasmids, for propagation, without any alteration or modification of the original DNA sequence. Molecular clones can be used to express the resulting proteins for the utilization of protein’s functions. It [...]

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Gene Cloning: A breakthrough

During the last few decades, techniques for manipulating eukaryotic as well as prokaryotic DNA have witnessed a remarkable development. There are three main phases of the development of these techniques, which include recombinant DNA technology and gene cloning; polymerase chain reaction and DNA chips and microarrays. Using recombinant DNA technology, we can isolate and [...]

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