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Establishment of symmetry in plants

Meristematic Plant Development Phyllotaxis is known as the study of plant patterns. Diversity is present, still similar patterns can be observed in many different types of plants. A common pattern consists of two sets of spiral that form a lattice i.e., observed in the stamens and carpels of flowers, the florets of compound flowers, the [...]

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Abscisic acid (ABA)

It is synthesized in plastids from carotenoids and diffuses in all directions through vascular tissues and parenchyma. The transport of ABA can occur in both xylem and phloem tissues. It can also be translocated through parenchyma cells. The movement of abscisic acid in plants does not exhibit polarity like auxins. ABA is capable of [...]

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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

Plant growth regulators usually are defined as organic compounds, other than nutrients, that in small concentrations, affect the physiological processes of plants. In practical purpose, they are defined as either natural or synthetic compound that is applied directly to plant to alter its life processes/structure in some beneficial way so as to enhance yield, improve [...]

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