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DNA Microarrays

A DNA microarrays or DNA chip is a collection of DNA spots mounted on a solid surface such as a microscope slide that can be used to simultaneously quantify protein expression levels across a large number of genes. The technique can also be used to genotype various different genomic regions. Molecular Biology research evolves [...]

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DNA Microarray

The microarray is a recently developed technology used in cancer research and in the pharmacological treatment of other diseases such as oral lesions. In this technology, a microscope slide (normally a 2D array made of glass, silicon chips, or nylon membrane) printed with thousands of minute spots in definite positions is used. DNA microarray [...]

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Benefits of biotech training

Biotechnology is a sunrise sector in life sciences both in academia and industry. It is a frontier of science offering enormous possibilities of its use as a premium precision tool for the welfare of society and creation of wealth for sustainable commercial and socio-economical development. Biotechnology draws on expertise from a number of scientific [...]

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News Updates

  • An MoU was signed between Orbit Biotech and Govt of Punjab during the Progressive Punjab Invest Summit 2015.
  • Registrations open for the biotech industrial training program starting April/May/June/July 2019. For registrations contact us at +91. 85 91 87 1105