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Pathogen induced diseases

Pathogen in a broad sense is anything that can infect and can cause a disease. It is a type of infectious agent that can be a virus, bacteria, prion, fungus, viroid or parasite that causes diseases in the host and the host can be a fungus, a plant, an animal or any microorganism also. [...]

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Biosafety Levels

Biosafety levels Biosafety levels are process of keeping the harmful biological agents under control. It includes the precautions required to isolate dangerous microbes in as laboratory. There are four biosafety levels are designed from lowest biosafety to highest biosafety i.e. BSL 1 to BSL 4. The precautions level consist of regular and washing and [...]

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Antibiotic sensitivity

Antibiotics, also called as antibacterial, are the drugs that kill microbes, and fight infections caused by microbes, hence are used in the treatment of bacterial infections or diseases. Antibiotics prevent diseases by either killing bacteria or keeping them away from reproducing. Antibiotics generally do not fight infections that are caused by viruses like cold, [...]

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News Updates

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