Probiotic Attribute Analysis- Thermal Death Time


Thermal Death Time (TDT) of an organism is the duration required to kill the organism. It is the duration required to kill the organism at a particular temperature. The test is used to check how organisms react to rising temperature.


  1. Bacterial culture
  2. Eppendorf tubes


  1. Use the TDP result from the previous experiment (For the same culture).
  2. Fill 7 Eppendorf tubes with 1000μL microbial culture each.
  3. Put the Eppendorf tubes into the warm water bath until the correct temperature is reached.
  4. Take one Eppendorf tubes out at a regular time interval of 3 minutes for half an hour.Take 50μl from the Eppendorf tubes and spread the culture over the plate well so the culture is equally dispensed.
  5. Incubate the plates at 37° for 24 hours.
  6. Record the result by checking for absence of growth.
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