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Biosafety Levels

Biosafety levels Biosafety levels are process of keeping the harmful biological agents under control. It includes the precautions required to isolate dangerous microbes in as laboratory. There are four biosafety levels are designed from lowest biosafety to highest biosafety i.e. BSL 1 to BSL 4. The precautions level consist of regular and washing and [...]

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Scope of Training in Fermentation Technology

Fermentation is the use of living organisms (mainly microorganisms), typically on a large scale, to produce commercial products or to carry out important chemical transformations. Industrial fermentation is an interdisciplinary science that applies principles associated with biology and engineering. The biological aspect focuses on microbiology and biochemistry. The engineering aspect applies fluid dynamics and materials [...]

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Culture media

A culture media is typically a medium used to provide growth environment for microorganisms. It consists of everything that is crucial for the growth of microbes for example a carbon source, a nitrogen source, minerals and all essential nutrients. A media can be solid (Agar based media) and liquid (Broth). Here is the list [...]

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News Updates

  • An MoU was signed between Orbit Biotech and Govt of Punjab during the Progressive Punjab Invest Summit 2015.
  • Registrations open for the biotech industrial training program starting April/May/June/July 2019. For registrations contact us at +91. 85 91 87 1105